Sales Selling Manager

Sales Selling Manager is an office building simulator where you’ll build floors that generate energy or money to compete against your rivals and conquer the market. Start from scratch and watch your company grow into a sales powerhouse. Strategically invest resources and upgrade your building to maximize productivity.

Dominate the industry, beat the competition, and achieve 100% market share. Showcase your entrepreneurial skills in Sales Selling Manager and become the ultimate sales king.

This game was made during a game jam with Skyler McLoud who did the programming in Unity.

I created the design, art, and SFX.

Spend your money to grow

Players have the freedom to allocate their hard-earned money into two distinct types of floors: energy and sales. The balance between these floor types is crucial for success. Sales floors require energy to function efficiently, so it’s essential to ensure a steady supply of energy-producing floors, which provide no income, to support your sales operations.

As they progress, the player has the opportunity to increase the number of offices per floor and can hire more employees per floor to boost productivity and maximize your sales potential.

Influence Points

The game introduces the concept of influence points, which you can generate based on the upgrades you choose. These valuable points grant you the ability to sabotage or negatively impact your competition. With influence points in hand, you can launch cunning marketing campaigns, disrupt rival companies’ operations, or hinder their progress in various ways.

Expansion comes a price

In order to add strategy and difficulty, the cost of every purchase, including floors, will progressively increase, challenging the player’s financial management skills. Carefully consider their investments and balance the need for expansion with the cost of each decision.

Floor Upgrades

Each floor can be further enhanced through upgrades to increase efficiency and productivity. By investing in upgrades, you have the power to boost production per employee by motivating them or by increasing the number of employees per office. As you continuously upgrade a floor, it has the potential to “evolve” into a new specialized floor that excels in a specific area. With two basic floor types available, each offering two possible upgrade paths, the evolution of the floors opens up exciting possibilities.

Hire Managers

Another key decision players have to use when planning and strategizing that can greatly impact their business is hiring managers. Once a floor is fully upgraded, players can hire managers that enhance their business by either reducing the time it takes to generate resources or increasing overall output. They can also optimize energy consumption, ensuring your operations run smoothly while minimizing costs or contribute to influence point generation, allowing you to exert even more control and influence over your competition. However, it’s worth noting that managers come at a high cost, and only specialize in one of these aspects requiring careful financial planning to make this investment worthwhile. The player must choose their managers wisely, weighing the benefits they provide against their substantial price tag