Reactive Shield Prototype

A Combat mechanic “Reactive Shield” system. This system would allow players to use a shield that reacts to incoming attacks in various ways, such as reflecting the attack back at the enemy or absorbing the energy of the attack to power up the player’s own abilities.

In addition to its defensive and offensive abilities, the Reactive Shield in this game has an additional unique feature: the player is able to retrieve the shield on command. By pressing a button, the shield can be summoned back to the player’s hand, allowing for more fluid and dynamic gameplay.

The player will be able to use the shield as a platform when throwing it into a wall or jump pad when throwing it to the floor, the player can jump higher and further than they would be able to without it, allowing them to reach new areas and access hidden items

Shield from SCI-FI Shield by STETS MEDIA.
Kratos Model from Fortnite

Made by me:
Enemy Behavior Trees
Niagara Effects

Every other art asset comes from UE5 FPS and 3rd Person Unreal projects

Reacts differenttly depending on the action

To keep the gameplay loop engaging and fresh, the Reactive Shield system can be incorporated into multiple areas of the game. For example, the shield can be used to activate switches, solve puzzles, and interact with the environment in other ways. Incorporating the shield into multiple areas of the game, it becomes a more integral part of the gameplay loop, making it a stronger mechanic that players will be encouraged to experiment with in different scenarios.

*Green surfaces reflect the shield back

Offensive Uses

The Reactive Shield mechanic offers a range of offensive uses, allowing players to wield the shield as a melee weapon or throw it at enemies. Shield-based melee attacks provide powerful strikes, while thrown shield projectiles can be aimed at foes, returning to the player after impact. Even when the shield is not in hand, players can engage in combat with weaker bare-handed attacks. These offensive capabilities add versatility to gameplay, enabling players to customize their combat approach and adapt to different situations within the Reactive Shield system.

Defensive Uses

Since the player’s only weapon is a shield, blocking is greatly encouraged, allowing players to deflect melee attacks and absorb ranged projectiles strategically. Players can skillfully time their blocks to deflect incoming melee strikes, while shield durability and recharge period add a tactical element to defensive maneuvers. Additionally, the shield can absorb enemy projectiles, granting temporary speed and attack damage boosts. This defensive capability encourages players to make calculated decisions on when to block or avoid attacks, enhancing the strategic depth of combat within the Reactive Shield system.

Jump Pad

Regarding exploration and puzzle solving, the shield also incorporates a unique jump pad functionality, where players can activate an energy field by throwing the shield to the floor. This energy field serves as a jump pad, allowing players to perform enhanced jumps, traverse levels, and solve puzzles. By strategically placing and maintaining the shield on the ground, players can access higher platforms and overcome obstacles. The inclusion of the jump pad mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, requiring players to think creatively and combine the shield’s offensive and defensive capabilities with its platforming potential.


By throwing the shield into a wall, the does not generate a jump pad, instead, it transforms into a stable platform that allows for precise and controlled platforming, granting access to higher platforms, intricate spaces, and hidden areas. This mechanic offers a strategic choice between utilizing the jump pad for maximum height or opting for the shield platform for more fine-tuned platforming and exploration. The inclusion of the shield platform adds enhances the player agency, enabling players to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and discover hidden secrets within the game world.

Trigger Activation

Throwing the shield into walls not only creates a platform but also generates a different type of energy field with interactive properties. This energy field can be used to activate switches and interact with the environment in unique ways. By strategically positioning the shield-generated energy field near interactive objects, players can trigger their activation, unlocking doors, lowering platforms, and uncovering hidden paths. This mechanic adds depth to the gameplay, encouraging exploration, observation, and critical thinking as players harness the shield’s energy field to manipulate the environment and progress through the game.