A suspenseful first-person survival horror game with puzzle-solving elements. Set within the confines of a stranded submarine, players are tasked with fixing the vessel and finding a way to the surface while being relentlessly pursued by a terrifying monster. With an immersive underwater environment, challenging puzzles, and a constant sense of paranoia, Abyss delivers a gripping experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

This game was created by the 2023 Game Technologies II class at Moorpark College and developed over a semester by a team of 10 students.


Design Lead

As the Design Lead for the project, I played a pivotal role in shaping the overall vision and gameplay experience of the underwater first-person game set in a stranded submarine. I led a team of designers, overseeing level design, gameplay mechanics, and environmental storytelling. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, we created an immersive and suspenseful atmosphere, leveraging the claustrophobic setting and strategic placement of interactive elements to heighten the sense of tension and mystery for players as they explored the depths of the submarine.

I guided the creative aspects of the project and took on the responsibility of overseeing the art and code implementation to ensure our goals were successfully achieved. Collaborating closely with the art team, I provided direction and feedback to create visually stunning environments that enhanced the immersive underwater experience.

Additionally, I worked closely with the coding team to ensure that the gameplay mechanics were integrated and contributed to the overall atmosphere of paranoia and suspense.

Audio Designer/Coder

I took charge of designing a seamless audio experience for the game. By developing a sophisticated sound manager and implementing a carefully crafted environment sound script. This script dynamically played eerie sounds within a calculated area from the player, effectively evoking a profound sense of unease and paranoia throughout the gameplay experience

Future Planning

Virtual Reality (VR)

Implementing VR support can provide an even more immersive and captivating experience for players, making them feel even more immersed in the eerie underwater world. VR integration can heighten the sense of fear, urgency, and realism, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Because of the nature of the puzzles, these can be fixed with VR controls where players can spin, attach, repair, or move objects to solve the puzzles.

Play as different character from the crew

Incorporating more playable characters into Abyss can significantly enhance the game’s growth and replayability. By providing players with the opportunity to experience the story from different perspectives, it deepens the narrative and offers unique gameplay dynamics.

Limited-Use Items

Introduce a variety of items that the player can discover or even craft throughout the game. These items could include tools, medical supplies, or flares, giving the player some breathing room when they become overwhelmed by the number of fixes/puzzles they have at the moment. Each item should have a limited number of uses, encouraging players to think strategically about when and how to utilize them.